Social media: all or nothing?

How to decide on which social media you will put in your time & effort.

To be honest, there really is no way a company can decide not to be on social media anymore… But the number of platforms is becoming overwhelming and not every platform can do the same for you. So, how to decide where to put your time & effort?

This infographic will help you to determine which platform best suits your needs, based on elements such as:

  • Which type of content will you use? Text, video, photos?
  • What are your objectives? Do you want to improve your SEO? Attract more traffic to your website? Increase your brand exposure? Or engage with your customers?
  • Socio-demographic elements such as age, gender, education and income.



Need more help to determine which platform would best suit you? And how to get started and then keep the mojo working? Just let me know, I will gladly help you along!

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