Why you need to start blogging

Every company wants to get more traffic to its site, transform visitors into leads and – ultimately – buyers. And that’s exactly what a blog can do for you.

Are you thinking to yourself: “Blogging? I have no time or budget for blogging!”, then these numbers might just make you think again.

Impressive, no? But what is it about blogging that will get you more traffic, leads and sales?

There are various reasons, but these are the most important ones:

You improve your search results

The really nice thing about blog posts is that each one of them is an additional page that can be indexed by a search engine. And the more indexed pages you have, the higher the chance that you will be at the top of the search engine results page (SERP).

Blogging increases your number of indexed pages and improves your SEO and SERP.

You can share valuable content on your social media

Social media also play an important role in your drive-to-web. Rather than posting some oneliners or calls-to-action, the blog will provide you with interesting information that you can share – even multiple times. The additional advantage is that people who don’t know you yet, can discover you if your post gets shared by one of their connections.

Your benefits keep on going

The really great thing about blog posts, is their extended lifetime. Rather than one fleeting post on social media, your blog posts can last for a really long time and keep showing up in search engines.

This graphic from Hubspot shows how older posts still generate contacts – even more so than the really new ones.

Old blog posts still generate contacts.


But not really sure where to start? Get in touch and I’ll gladly come over and help you!

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