How can I help you?

As avid believers in the power of content marketing, GAFPA has 2 major goals:

  • Consultancy in implementing or improving the content marketing strategy that works best for you, your brand, your company or your organisation.
  • Offer you insights into all things content marketing with trending news, tutorials, reviews and inspiring cases.


Audit & Strategy

  • GAFPA will audit your current resources, needs, goals and target groups to determine your content marketing strategy, workflow and buget

Briefing & Selection

  • For some tasks, you are better off outsourcing them. GAFPA will help you set up the briefing document and/or guide you through the selection process for the best provider.

Training & Presentations

  • Whether you need to bring your co-workers up-to-speed or convince management to ride on the content marketing train or even if you just want a global overview of content marketing’s opportunities, channels and tools, GAFPA will gladly come by to present them to you.


Trending news


  • Coming soon!


  • Reviews, cases, testimonials – all examples of successful (or sometimes failed) content marketing efforts.